Great Fisher Cat Video

One of our visitors recorded a nice video of a fisher cat at night.  This fisher cat picture was from Andover, MA.  It looks really cool with the snow and glowing eyes!

Video created by: Back Yard Cameras

6 responses to “Great Fisher Cat Video

  1. This screech on this audio is identical to what woke my family up at 3AM this morning. I myself was woken two weeks ago by the same sound. Heads up cat owners in Medfield area.

  2. My wife and I saw a fisher cat coming down from a tree with something in its mouth in Lynn woods on Friday april 30th. It was around 7oclock pm. We were not sure what it was until a friend told us it was probobly a fisher cat.

  3. “Vicious Killer” video, showing a large dog harassing and then killing a small animal was really
    Why allow this to happen? Why kill an animal just to see it die.
    “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, just as “whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap”.
    I’m not religious but I suspect that people who allow or enjoy torturing and killing Gods little creatures just for the fun of it, will get theirs in return.

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