New England Fisher Cats

Fishers by nature do not like open spaces and prefer tree cover or coniferous forests to dwell in. heavily wooded places like New England make an ideal habitat for Fisher cats.

New England Fisher cats
are one of the largest members of the Mustelid family, which includes species like the mink, weasel, otter and skunk. These are noted nocturnal animals and therefore very hard to observe. They are however active during both daytime as ell as night time and that too, mostly during the time just before sunset and just before sunrise, when it mainly searches for food. Their cry is similar to that of a high pitched one of a child’s and therefore can sound very eerie in the nights.

The fisher cat second in size only to the river otter, and ranks amongst the largest members of the weasel family ever, to dwell in Massachusetts. These animals were displaced and their numbers dwindled many years ago, when the farmers cleared the forests and surrounding areas for agriculture. Fishers who are susceptible to trapping and logging were badly affected during this time and were forced to move out into other neighboring areas such as scattered locations in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, and Virginia. However due to their departure from the aforementioned area, the porcupine population started swelling; and in order to control this menace, the people of New England re-introduced the fishers to curb the porcupine numbers. Nowadays, fishers can be found in virtually all areas or communities in Massachusetts, with the exception of Cape Cod and the Islands.

Until very recently, only rare reports of fisher sightings have been reported by the Massachusetts Audubon Society; however, since 2000, these sightings have increased substantially in number especially in areas of eastern Massachusetts. Reasons for this increase in number have been attributed to reforestation of land, which was previously reserved for farming.

There have been many wildlife laws in place which dictate the manner in which these fishers are to be captured in required to control their numbers and humanely destroyed. These laws have helped keep a check on their habitat and numbers.

Fishers are reserved by nature and are solitary in their mannerisms. They are not known to hunt in groups and are only seen in groups during the mating season. These animals will never den near human dwellings and normally keep their distance from humans.

Even thought their numbers have increased in New England area in US, fishers are hardly a threat to humans even thought they are known carnivores. Fishers prefer snowshoe hares, mice shrews, carrion, etc, and have been known to eat fruit and berries too. It is one of the few animals, which can attack, kill and eat a porcupine!

The population density is known to be one per 2.6 – 7.5 sq. km, but can be as low as 1 per 200 sq. km. The daily movement is observed to be 1.5 to 3 km in a day, but this distance is known to vary given the weather conditions. Fishers walk on the soles of their feet and can climb and swim very well. The fisher paws, have, on its soles large surfaces to help it run on snow without sinking in easily. If its disturbed by any creature or anything, fisher cats tend to arch its back like a cat and is known to hiss, growl, snarl or spit as well as give off an offensive odor!

The fishers are known for their thick fur coats, which provide good insulation against the cold and inclement weather.

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  1. New Milford, CT. My wife woke up to horrible screeching months back and then we both woke up at 3 am this morning to it. It was right out back of our house and while I can’t see the animal, hearing clips of a fisher cat makes me believe that was it. We have a 90 pound dog, who is not left outside unattended, and I always go outside with my dog at night for the final pit stop of the night so am not too worried about any encounters there but what a way to wake up! They certainly make a horrific sound! Sorry to read about all of your losses and hope to not hear of any others…

  2. Came home one night last week from work to twelve dead chickens scattered all over the yard first thought was a coyote cause the coupe was all tore up but freinds insisted it was a fisher cause the coyote would hae eaten the chickens ,ollie our Rooster survived this terrible battle .

    1. Most of the sounds I’ve heard attributed to fisher cats are actually those of a red fox. Check out this YouTube video of a red fox making just those screeching calls: Also, I used to raise ducks and although fishers were possibly one of the culprits who decimated my flock of ducks, the majority of my ducks were taken by foxes and raccoons and also sometimes opossums. Raccoons will kill the chickens or ducks, eviscerate them and just leave the carcasses — fishers, foxes or coyotes wouldn’t do that. They take their kill away with them. Fishers also prefer to live in the woods, where there’s lots of cover, so I tend to think that they get blamed for many domestic animal kills that are really attributable to foxes or coyotes. Also, if you are in great horned owl territory and your cats are out at night – those owls have been known to take cats, too. And just because an animal is elusive and secretive (such as the fisher or a great horned owl) doesn’t make it “evil” and in need to be killed. Come on! We humans are wrecking the planet and killing off animal species, not the fisher cats!

      1. Thank you Tina. You said what I was about to. A great Horned Owl ate one of my neighbor’s terriers. This think was a good 3 feet tall! When people think they are hearing fishers scream, they are actually hearing their VICTIMS, usually in those cases foxes, screaming. Think about it. Who has more reason to scream? Predator or prey… #exactly

  3. While mountain biking in F gilbert Hills IN foxboroug Sunday morning around 8am my brother and friend and I saw a fisher it was the first time I’ve seen one was not surewhat is was at first it was pretty big cool to see.

  4. I recenly lost my cat of 6 years. I was dead sure when I found his fur up the street in a nabiors front yard, that a coyote got him. They have dens close to our house and they walk in packs right down the street infront of your face. Although, when I found my cats back leg and head half barried down a path into the woods behind the nabiors house. I relized living on cape cod mass my whole life that a coyote would never leave anything behind. Hear you guys says whole chickens were left and reading the info on fisher cats really makes me think thats the animal that cought him. My cat did not diserve to die like that and any advice or info anyone has for me, I would really love to make sure it was indeed a fisher cat and next I need to find out how to kill it before it gets the last two cats I have out of 8. 🙁 HELP!!!!!!

    1. How about you stop being selfish and leaving the natural wildlife alone! You are right your cat didn’t deserve to die in violence. How are you any better saying you want to kill an animal for doing only what it knows to do? Take better care of your animals and take some responsibility before starting a witch hunt for wildlife that belongs here!

    2. Hi,

      I’ve had cats all my life and lived in wooded areas of CT, never had a problem with a cat going missing because they are INDOOR all the time. Easy solution to your problem. Keeps your cats safe healthy and clean, keeps the cats from killing song birds (big problem in song bird numbers declining) and keeps our last few prdators safe from irate pet owners 🙂

      1. Keeping cats inside away from fishers is a great idea- but I have chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants and peacocks and this morning there were two fishers in my barnyard. in the fenced in area. They dug a hole under my fence. Gone before I could get out there but if I see them again, they will be destroyed. Sorry to offend anyone but these animals are aggressive towards humans as well. I’m not keeping my family locked in the house on our 115 acre farm.

        1. I totally agree with you, Janice. They are badgers and kill everything they can. They creep me out and I am frightened to death of them. I had one in my back yard, 12 miles west of Boston. They are ugly and I wish they would all go live in the Rocky Mountains where they belong.

    3. well Kristina if you continue to let your cats outside ,coyote, fisher cats, cars and people will kill them. I don’t care if you are on large amounts of acres they are prey to both coyotes and fisher cats. Coyotes like to eat their prey alive, usually by breaking a cats back legs so it can’t run or it will shake it and break it’s neck. Do right by your cats and keep them indoors, I have 5 and I do no problem. Only two left out of eight…why do you keep letting them out??????

    4. A coyote would never leave anything behind? Absolutely not so. We have had coyotes prey on our sheep. I have seen dead sheep with nothing but their udders and bellies ripped open, and the entire rest of the carcass left.

    5. First, you’re messing with wildlife. You are killing birds and these fishers are doing what evolution is telling them to do. Stop being so selfish. And fishers aren’t vicious Janice. I get that they are attacking your animals so replace the fences and make sure they go at least a foot deep. And I live right next to a greenbelt with a stream and a forest and we have had fishers for years. Deer, squirrels, raccoons, foxes, turkeys by the dozen and a great habitat for them. We have not had any problems. My neighbors teacup chihuahua is walked off leash in the woods for years. I go down there so many days I can’t count and haven’t even seen them. They aren’t a problem so let them live. You are a selfish, uneducated fool if you think that they are a threat.

    6. I live in Conn and I was told that there is fisher cats out here. But I have not seen one yet. I want to know is will a fisher cat eat my small dogs. and I’m not that good with the computer so I don’t know the website. Griswold conn.

      1. A great Horned Owl will for sure. As a snack! Keep the dogs in between dusk and dawn! I have a neighbor who lost a dog to one. The hunt in monogamous pairs.

    7. Did they have spelling in your school. Buy the way killing is what this animal does so how can you blame the animal for doing what it does naturally. Now you want to kill it. How does that make you different from the animal you want to kill?

    8. Fishers prefer to live in the woods, where there’s lots of cover, so I tend to think that they get blamed for many domestic animal kills that are really attributable to foxes or coyotes (who love to eat cats). Also, if you are in great horned owl territory and your cats are out at night – those big owls have been known to take cats, too. And just because an animal is elusive and secretive (such as the fisher or a great horned owl) doesn’t make it “evil” and in need to be killed. Come on! We humans are wrecking the planet and killing off animal species, not the fisher cats!

  5. We live on an island in maine. I went to your website because a neighbor has recently seen a fisher cat. I’ll add my story to your collection. About 5 years ago, at 3:00am, I was awakened by the blood-curdling scream of a woman being murdered downstairs in the living room. I sat bolt-upright in bed. I’m sure my hair was standing on end. My heart was pounding and I figured I was the next victim to be killed. A few seconds later the scream happened again. That time I could tell that it was outside, not in, and on my back porch. It screamed every 15-20 seconds as it made it’s way down the yard to the beach. The next day someone suggested that it may have been a fisher. What a terrifying experience! I hope I never see the creature that made that noise. It was louder and more human-like than the examples on your website. It is reassuring to know that I’m not the only person to hear the horrible cry of the fisher. It was in April.

    1. Great story and a great image in my had of a woman sitting straight up in bed at the sound of the cries downstairs. When I lived in Maine (Mount Desert Island), I used to hear them too. Creepy. Also had a Bobcat walk through the yard, right on the beach, damn near had a heart attack. Wicked frightening. I hope you are sleeping better these summer nights.

    2. Sure it wasn’t the animal actually being killed that was doing the blood curdling screaming? Honestly, wouldn’t THAT make just a bit more sense?

  6. There is pair of Fishers that I’ve seen and that make themselves heard daily around the house here in central KY. They’re not the first seen in Shelby Co. When I first heard them I thought it sounded like a sasquatch getting raped. Just thought I’d toss in this note, seeing as it seems to be a little out of their reported range. btw- Nice page ya got here.

  7. Saw my first fisher walking atop one of the stone walls that border my property in High Falls, N.Y. It was about 11:30 am and his/her coat was stunning!

  8. last night ( march 25 2012 ) as i was laying in bed around 11:30 p.m. i heard this blood curdling scream comming from my neighbors back yard. it sounded like a smaller animal ( maybe a rabbit ) and it was screaming like it was in severe pain, and i also heard another animals sound that sounded like it was growling and it snorted also. it was going on for at least 7 min. and so i opened my window and made a very loud sound and all of a sudden i didn’t hear any noises. it was so loud, i was so creeped out that it was hard to sleep. so the next morning, i looked over into my neighbors yard and didn’t see anything, but couldn’t see the whole yard either.

  9. i saw a fisher cat in maine in somebody backyard. it was walking toward the woods and when it looked at me it had really sharp teeth…….then i ran for my life.

  10. Well for the last week, I have been hearing screeching noises and told my husband that it must be the foxes out again. But he just told me that guys from work said it is more like a fisher cat out there. I am freaked out because a lot of ppl in my neighborhood have small dogs and there are stray cats roaming around at night and I fear for them. Hoping the cats find a good hiding place and not get caught. I don’t let my dogs out back at night anymore for their last run of the nite so I have to take them out on a leash in the front yard where there is light, and keep my eyes open. We had baby foxes out last year on our street so I just assumed it was them because they had the same “bark”. I guess it’s time to call the town to report this. They will probably trap and relocate.

    1. Why do you need to call the town? Leave them alone. They will not relocate, they probably will kill them. Keep your animals inside!!!! If you allow them outside then they are wild, and wild animals fight for there lifes all the time. Thats normal, chain of life.

  11. two months ago i awoke about 4 am to a horrible noise that sounded like an animal being killed. i live in a suburban fairly densely populated area. i had forgotten about it until this morning when i heard the noise again but much closer. i looked out the back window and yelled “hey!”. a fisher cat jumped from a fur tree and ran off at top speed. of note, there have been an increasing number of “lost cat” signs in the grocery store. i was unhappy to read that these animals are not just nocturnal. i guess all cats will all need to become indoor cats.

  12. We have them in Arlington MA near Whipple Hill. Heard that awful screech for a couple nights, then found what looked like a Fisher dead in the back yard. I think a pair of foxes raising kits under the neighbors shed may have taken it out.

  13. In Ohio, heard one and so did my mom and sister. Thought it was just some creepy cat but I listened to the clip and determined that this was it! So creepy.

  14. I wanted to know more about Fishers. So I went online, I found this wedsite. I heard a fisher about 2 years ago, and heard it again this week and I wanted to know more about then. We sew foot prints right by the river we live on. and just this Saturday one of are chickens where killed and I read the comment about Larry’s chickens and it was the same thing, a fox would of eaten the chicken. I think the fisher got her.

  15. June1, 2012
    I was woke up at 4:30 am to what I thought was a cat fight right under my open window.
    It was a neighbors cat and at first I thought it was a raccoon but now that I did some research I know it was a fisher cat. I had never seen one before. It was viciously attacking and had the cat down and was biting at the cats hind end and legs. I was trying to scare it away without going outside and it finally left. The cat had many puncture wounds but lived.
    I hope to never see that again.

  16. Rutland Ma. I saw a fisher cat from my second floor window on June 9 2012 at 4Am.Today June11 2012 at7.32PM i heard the scream went out back saw my cat and a fisher cat 20 feet apart the fisher cat looked up at me and slowly walked into the brush. I went down and retrieved my cat. [time to keep cat in ] Is there any way to scare off them?

  17. Tonight we had a terrifying incident, does this sounds like a fisher attack? we have a 5-10lb poodle, who was outside one last time and I left for two minutes and herd a horrible yelp! we looked for hours for her but could not find her. we have fishers in our yard at night trying to or eating our garbage, this one didnt seem big and hasnt got our cat, or our boarder collie. do you think this could have been a fisher attack? would we have seen drag marks? how does it kill its prey?

  18. One of our silky chickens was taken today. She had been sitting on an egg in her coop for about 2 weeks. The coop is in an enclosure that has a shingled roof and chicken wire around it and shared with her buddy Henry. Around 6 p.m. we noticed an abundance of feathers inside their enclosure and Tameeka was gone. There was a vary small section pulled apart & where feathers were stuck to. We looked up on top of the roof to find it covered with feathers and what was left of Tameeka. Her head & neck were gone & she was gutted. We are heart broken; poor Henry. Another area attached housed another rooster who must also be traumatized. Our other chickens have been kept in the barn (normally free range by day) but one month to the day, we lost 3 chickens during the day. Another rooster the week before…. Another chicken before…… In all the years we’ve had chickens, we never had these losses. And they were all taken during the day. I plan on setting a trap tomorrow.

  19. Like many of you, I had heard people talk about fisher cats but thought they were just wild cats until I told a good friend what I had seen. She told me it was probably a fisher cat ‘cuz it did look like a weasel. It was walking along my property line, backyard, in the a.m. It really took me by surprise as I had never seen one before. I shall keep a better eye on my “macho poodle” when he goes out to check things out and do his business!!!

  20. We live in Maine about 5 miles from town. About 2 weeks ago, I awoke in the middle of the night at 4:30 am. I sleep right next to an open window, and when I looked out, I saw something that was so weird looking that I thought I was in a dream. I’m no expert in wild-life, but I knew this was something different. After researching, I discovered it was a Fishercat. I watched it for awhile. It knew I was in the window, but didn’t seem bothered by it. It stayed in the same spot for abut 15 min, and then moved about 5 feet and was licking the bottom of a tree trunk, then moved back to the very spot it was in before. It didn’t make any noise at all. I looked the next day, but there wasn’t any carcass left. Someone thought it may have been eating grubs. I tried to take a picture, but when I came back from getting my camera it was gone. Two nights ago, my daughter saw it jumping my rock wall into the street about 11:00 pm. Last night, I took our Cocker Spaniel out for the last time of the night, about 11:00 pm. It is very dark out there and I was very uneasy being there. I quickly went back into the house. A few minutes later, I was standing in front of my kitchen windows, which were open, and I heard growling. I quickly closed and locked my doors. It made me very nervous. We do not have any cats, but there are some roaming wild in the neighborhood. I don’t know what the attraction is on my property, except maybe our Cocker, but she is never outside alone. I think a Cocker is probably too big for them to handle, although I don’t know that for sure. Gives me the creeps.

  21. I’m glad to finally learn what’s been making the horrible (and scary!) noise in the hilly, wooded land behind my Cheshire, CT, home! Wow! Even my (indoor) cat sits bolt upright when he hears that fisher out back! I can hear him screaming loudly as he passes behind my house…same path every two or three nights or so. Two nights ago I shined a flashlight into the woods to try and get a glimpse of it. The underbrush was too thick to see the creature, but it sounded like it was only about 20 feet from the back door. My way of composting is to just throw all my peelings and rinds, overripe fruit, etc. up into the woods, so maybe that’s what attracted it.

  22. sitting on my deck a chipmunk came running but followed weasal looking criter, found out later it was a fisher cat! quaker hill ct 7-24-13

  23. You can try wolf or mountian lion urine. Both should be available at you local garden center, or online. Honestly we can’t expect wild life not to do what they do. Kill to eat and or defend their domain. The only way to not be victim to the food chain is be higher up on the food chain. Get a big dog, over 40 lbs. And the fisher cats, coyottes, as well as other varmits will vacate the area. Howerver, the wolves, larger cats, and bears will still be around. Sorry mother nature can’t be outsmarted for mans covieance.
    Last time we tried that we almost eraticated the wolf. Don’t underestimate the value of large pretatory animals. Think safty first and everyone will coexist.

  24. Is it possible there are fisher cats in the Atlanta, Georgia area? I thought we had foxes screaming, too, but it sounds like it is coming from up in the trees. And supposedly red foxes don’t climb. It might be baby horned owls, too, but the sound is really just the screech at fairly regular intervals, no chirping or other bird-like notes to it. We regularly hear the adult horned owl.

  25. I live in the panhandle of West Virginia where fishers have been reintroduced.

    2 days ago, 21 Aug 2012, I was rushed by a very large fisher cat that was on top of my car, it came within 6 feet of me before it bolted into the woods! It was so incredibly fast!!! And I should say that other than the springs on the car giving way as it crept from the roof to the hood of my car, in the darkness in all other respects it was absolutely silent! It had been previously spooked by our neighbor, thus why the fisher was up there in the first place. Our neighbor had all his lights on, he was out with a big flashlight in his front yard, and looked nervous himself! He definitely saw it too.

    What was so unnerving about this creature was that I felt that it was hunting ME. I’ve been in wilderness areas all over the country where I often get what I call the predator prickle! It was pitch dark in the corner in front of the car, and I carried a dim footlight over to plant in a garden bed, which required crouching on the ground next to the chainlink corner that bounds my yard. The car was 15 feet from my crouched figure. My neighbor was in his yard, looking in my direction, it was 9pm and dark: I called out to my neighbor to let him know I was out there, because he looked nervous. As I sat on the ground next to the garden, it was then I heard the sound from on top of the car! I have to say, it was moving around like a very small cougar on my car! At first I thought it was a person stalking me, it sounded just like that! I stood up slowly, and called out to my car, thinking it surely was just the neighborhood kids…or maybe a werewolf 🙂 but then I was suddenly rushed to within six feet and see what seemed to be black shaggy hunched back (medium dog size) whiz silently by my legs, veering at the very last minute, crossing our neighbors lawn in a beeline for the woods, and I’d say it was running 30 mph and silently at that! I have a greyhound, and it makes very audible footfalls when it runs! This made absolutely no sound on the ground! I immediately called the police who spotlighted around the neighborhood, and we found fisher prints on my car the next day!

    Some other neighbors have small children and loose outdoor cats and small dogs in outdoor kennnels, and I fear for their safety. I now keep a can of pepper spray with me!

  26. Hi, I live in East Prov RI, I have heard a few people say they saw a fisher cat in the neighborhood, I have never seen or hear it. I have a small dog, so needless to say I am always very alert when I take him out later in the day, and evening. I have also bought Pepper spray “in case” anything ever attempts to attack my dog. When I go in my yard, I also have a blackjack type stick I take with me. I have heard such horror stoies about small animals being mauled, killed.
    I have also heard that Bobcats are all over in Jamestown. Deer are being seen all over the place. These poor animals are SO confused.
    I believe all animals have the right to survive, and need to eat, however they are NOT going to get my baby. We have to be very careful of our pets, you luv them, keep them in eyesight by your side all the time.
    There has to be a reason why they have migrated to rural areas, Could it be their homes in the woods are all being distroyed and built on? This is why we have coyetes & fox in rural areas, they have to have someplace to live, mate, eat. None of this is the fault of these Poor Critters, they are doing what they have to do to survive, as they have always done, it’s their instinct. We have to adjust to it and take every procaution to protect our animals, and children.
    We can thank the Large Developers, the ones that clear out their homes [Woods] then build to fill their pockets, never worring about where the critters that live there will go, or what they will do for food, nor do they appear to care. They leave us to deal with it.
    I believe I have said enough.

  27. I have had almost 80 chickens taken this year due to predators, 75 have been from fisher cats. I understand the food chain and I don’t mind when a fox, hawk, or coyote take my chickens, I know they have eaten the bird or at least brought it back to their dens, what I can’t stand about the fisher cat is that when it kills it seems to just do it for fun. Just today I had to clean up 30 chickens from my pasture, why can’t the damn fisher just eat the whole bird? Not just bite its neck.

    I’m not sure how I will handle this fisher, I have thought about this problem for a while now, most of the old timers just say shoot the damn thing, but I understand its role in nature, but I swear its killing my birds for fun, and if its for fun then that isn’t natural and I will have to protect my flocks.

    Any advice would be welcomed with open arms.


    A Student of the Earth.




  28. Steward –

    You are a farmer (of chickens at least), your responsibility is to your captive birds. You are 80+ birds down. No offense, but this is not living up to that responsibility. You can try live cage traps, but I’ve never had any luck with them (all sorts of bait), fishers are just too damn smart for them generally. In my opinion, you have no choice but to shoot the fisher, or have someone do it for you. Leg traps work, but are repugnant, even to me. Just park a chair and a thermos of coffee out by the coop for a few nights and get it done.

  29. I would like to add my terifiing experience last night at appr 6pm i let my dogs out went to get the bowls to feed them as ive been doing for the past 6yrs i went to fix their bowl of food 15min later i went to bring the food out when i spotted my little leah lying helpless on the ground still breathing with her neck so badly torn apart we had to put her to sleep i had no idea what did this but now i know.

  30. read the article in projo dated 10/1/2012. a woman was attacked in her yard at 3:30 in the afternoon by a fisher. at first the fisher went for her 120 lb. dog. the womas got between them . she was in hospital several days. this happened in lincoln, rhode island. i am relieved to here that there is a fox and 3 babies living under a shed 2 houses away from me. i am much more scared of fishers. hope it is fox i been hearing at night. melody

  31. Last night I heard several Fisher Cats in the field behind my home -Lakes Region of NH. I heard their noise over the sound of the TV, with my windows closed. I went to the back deck and yelled at them, not even knowing it was Fisher Cats…..When my husband came home, they had already gone deeper into the woods. I did hear Fisher Cats screeching about 25 years ago when we lived in Southern NH…I was wondering if anyone knew if this was their breeding season, how long they carry, if they are like bears and the embryo lay dormant until spring? I cannot find this information online….any suggestions?

  32. While I was living in Portsmouth, NH, and my property abutted the airport and woods, I was walking my dog one night and heard the blood-curdling screech of a fisher. At first I thought something was being killed in the woods, but someone told me that a fisher makes that awful noise to stun its prey. One day a few years later, I went out to water my garden and I noticed something dark in my dog’s pen. I walked cautiously over to it and saw a baby fisher dead. His head was lying in one of the triangles so I thought that maybe he strangled himself, but when the wildlife guys showed up to collect him, that didn’t seem to be the case. I don’t know what he died of because he actually looked like he was a healthy baby (while alive). When my cat got locked in my neighbors garage for a week, I thought that maybe a fisher had gotten him, but my cat showed up when they opened their garage door. Unfortunately I am living in Maine now and my cat escaped near the vet’s office in an unfamiliar area, “displaced” is the term they use, and there is a lot of wooded areas and I fear for his life as he was only 3 miles from home and hasn’t showed up for a month. Some cats have a homing instinct, but I’ve tried all the methods for catching him with no luck so far. I keep hoping I find him.

  33. I heard that horrible sound tonight! After researching its a fisher cat. I’d like to know if it will hurt a human being? My mother who is almost ninety insists on walking her little dog down the block now I’m worried.

  34. When are humans going to realize that if they live in an area where fishers live and they let there cat(s) or small dogs out to run free they are asking for there pets to be placed in a shoe box and be buried in the back yard. Grow up people watch your pets when you let them out if you are to busy to watch them maybe you should not have them. the fishers were here first not your cat

  35. my cat was making a rucus one night, went out to see what all the noise was about, found my cat trapped in a tree by one these devils. To solve the problem I gave him gymnastics lesson with my 12 guage. This method worked me out here in Arkansas, may not work for you depending on where you live.

  36. I’m sorry but these things are horrible and their numbers need to be brought down. I WILL SHOOT ONE ON SITE!!!! They have taken several of my cats and I do not care for a creature such as this. I live in NH, we have bears, grey foxes and racoons all the time in our yard (and before you ask it is not the grey foxes that are doing it). I have one cat that was attacked twice and lived and have lost a couple others. And yes I do keep my cats in at night but you know how cats are, they are smart and know you are going to keep them in so they stay out. And what the hell is wrong with porcupines? (and before you go crazy with porcupines have done this or hurt that, STFU!!!!!) What need’s to be developed is a spray or sound that will keep these fishers away. But so far nothing, so if you want people like me to stop praying for their eradication better come up with a good way to keep them away from my property!

    1. And so are you.. A loud mouth with a weapon.. Take away the weapon and fight like a man. I’d pay to see that, you tool..

  37. I live in Centerville on Cape Cod. There are Fisher Cats on Cape Cod! I had lived in Maine near the Saco River in 2005 when I became familiar with Fisher Cats who frequented my backyard. When I moved back to the Cape Cod I was staying at my parents home on Scudder Bay, we saw Fisher Cats on a couple of occaisions last Summer (2012). The three domestic cats we had growing up were likely killed by Fisher cats, which were sighted only in the dark or very early hours. coyotes and racoons have come and gone also could explain the death of our cats. But the bounding leaps of a fisher cat traversing open land is unmistakeable. I have yet to hear the famous screech.

  38. i feel fischer cats should be destroyed all together the are a danger to domestic animals they eat the small animals and leave no trace of it all i hate fishcer catsget rid of them completely a fishcer cats hater

  39. I had never heard of a fisher cat until yesterday when a neighbor told me she had seen one. I was thinking some kind of a cat. I live in southeastern CT. About a year ago a friend had one of my dogs out side and when the dog started barking there was a terrible schreech in the woods. I heard it a couple of nights later but, we never found out what it was and we have never heard it again. We were thinking along the lines of a bob cat which I have been told are native to CT. We live in a wooded area and have a whole parate of wild animals walking around here, so nothing would surprise me.

  40. I live in North Mississippi, close to Memphis. My family and I have heard these cries at night around 8:30pm and they last several hours… the sound is exactly what I’ve heard in many videos. Recently the cry has been answered by a second of the same type. The cats aren’t indigenous to the area, so I’m puzzled. Anyone in this area heard one of these recently? My neighbor spotted the animal which allowed us to finally pinpoint what it was.

      1. Anonymous. I hope you come face to face with a big fat mean Fisher one day soon and he enjoys scaring the crap out of you. Then he east his lunch…mmmmmmmmmmm !!! Taste like Lobster…oh wait it’s Anonymous !

  41. Just opened my garage door to be greeted by a fishercat who was rooting through our garbage cans. It was huge!

  42. Just watched a fisher cat chase a squirrel to the top of a white pine tree. Never realized they were so fast and could jump from tree to tree. Fortunately the squirrel escaped.

  43. My daughter spotted a fisher cat today. We have 6 acres, heavily wooded. She thought it was a brown ferret. I have a huge number of chipmunks and rabbits. Any suggestions on how to keep the fisher away? Our cats are in, our dogs will be supervised, our wild happy creatures are fair game….sad. I hope it moves on quickly.

  44. Well,
    You rail about protecting the fisher cats, want cats kept indoors because they kill birds. Are not the cats hunters just like the fisher cats? I don’t get your two sets of standards.


  45. Some people “do not” let their cats out; the cats sneak out the door. I had a cat that was with me for about a year and a half; she was a senior kitty. She showed very little interest in the door at all. One day she decided to dart out the door…..we looked for her all summer…I later found out that a fisher had ripped her apart. She was an “indoor only” cat. It was horrible to learn of this. Come to find out, people had seen her but did not know that she belonged to me (although I did all the necessary posting, e-mails to neighbors, posting on neighborhood websites, etc…) and so she was less than an eight of a mile from me when the fisher got her. A neighbor buried her. I later found out how my cats had died. People have been seeing fishers around our area for quite some time. Sometimes it’s not the people’s fault for letting their cats out, their cats “escape.”

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