This site started almost 4 years ago. I grabbed the domain name and started researching the Fisher Cat.  What I found was a mix of opinions and information from experts and public video clips and stories about the Fisher.  I naturally built the website to revolve around the Fisher’s screech or scream, however never stopped to think about whether it was a myth or if it was a fact.  Continue below for answers to the famous question: Does a Fisher Cat actually  screech?

Do Fisher Cats Screech?

1. According to Roger A Powell, Fisher Cat’s do not in fact scream or screech

I do not want to spread misinformation about the Fisher screeching if it in fact doesn’t, so I think it’s best to gather your opinion based on the research of Roger A Powell, a leading expert on Fisher Cats and the actual encounters and stories shared on our website.   I received an inquiry from someone who noted the following about Fisher’s screeching:

The leading expert on fisher research, Roger A Powell (who raised fishers for nearly 20 yrs) confirms that fishers do not screech at all. They can make low, quiet sounds. Never once, even when living with fishers, did he hear them scream, screech, or otherwise make a loud, high-pitched noise.

This was shocking to me and tough to understand after so many visitors (1000+ comments) on this website say they have seen and heard Fisher’s scream.

2.  According to stories and experiences of the community, a lot of people say Fisher’s do screech

After almost 4 years of gathering 1000+ comments it seems that there are people who truly believe they have heard the sounds of Fisher Cats screaming.  Most say that they know it’s a Fisher Cat even though they don’t see them.  I will need to scour through the thousands of comments now to see if anyone has actually seen a Fisher screech but it seems that no one has in fact seen and heard one scream at the same time.  (Besides the video we have of a young fisher screeching)

I’m not going to say that Fisher Cats do screech, but I’m also not going to say that they don’t screech.  I think it’s interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the site and would rather leave it to you to discuss.  Although Roger A Powell was an expert I would still like to compile all of your encounters with this odd animal.  It would be great to gather any pictures or videos.  If you have any, just send them to [email protected]