Coyote Sound Clips (Definitely Not a Fisher Cat Sound)

I’ve been hearing loud yelping and screeching in my back yard the past few nights.  It sounds like a pack of Coyote’s by the sounds of it.  When I hear them, it sounds like they’re killing a dog or something because all I hear is horrifying yelping and squealing.  All of the neighborhood dogs start barking as well, but let me tell you, their barks are nowhere near the same as a Coyote howl.  Coyote’s have a high pitched squeal that makes you stop what you’re doing or wake up from a peaceful sleep to an eery scream.  Well, the first night it was really bad, almost like they were in my backyard.  Tonight I got to record them on my iPhone and it came out fairly clear.   I thought you might want to hear the distinct sound of a Coyote compared to some of the other animal sounds we have on the website.  Scroll down below and click play to here the Coyote sounds.  They are obviously nothing like a Fisher Cat as most of our readers described.

When you’re done listening to the clip below, please let everyone know your opinion of what animal this is.  I’m pretty sure it’s a Coyote, but could it also be a Fox?

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Coyote Sounds

6 responses to “Coyote Sound Clips (Definitely Not a Fisher Cat Sound)

  1. Twice in the last 2 weeks we have been woken up at night with a scream/growl that sent chills up your back. A bobcat was seen about a month ago near our farm and we know that we have coyotes, foxes, and bear around us. This sound was like nothing my wife or I had ever heard and the next day there was a big area of white feathers scattered over a large area of our pasture. We have listened to the bobcat sound on the internet and it strongly resembles it but someone else mentioned that it might be a fisher,

  2. Absolutely coyotes. Not a fox — as was mentioned by others, foxes hunt alone and are normally not noisy when they are hunting. What you might hear is a sharp bark or yip, but I have only heard that when they are in family groups and “talking” to one another.

    To all of you who are preachy about “the natural order” — I’m a trained field biologist. I get it. But I have just lost a pet cat to what I am quite sure is a fisher, and I am devastated. We have lived here for over 20 years, fishers were never spotted here until a few months ago. My cat was on the lawn — he’s gone out in the yard for 9 years and did not wander. Cats also have a right to live they way they were made to. It’s not easy to find an animal you’ve cared for torn up and knowing that they died a painful and frightening death. Even finding another wild animal dismembered and/or mauled means that it, too, died in pain and frightened. Just because it’s “natural” does not make it painless for the victim. Just as being “right” doesn’t always mean you are justified in being too blunt. I am sorry the person in Cape Cod lost their pet that way. It hurts. For those of you who are so ready to criticize — I hope the people around you during your time of pain or grief are more kind.

    1. Thank you for your insight, I agree with you totally. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the lose of you cat. People who criticize and have no compassion for the innocent lives of animals have no kindness in their soul……

  3. Definitely coyotes. They have a huge range of vocalizations. I find their sounds musical, not creepy at all. I haven’t found them to be vocal when hunting though – just the opposite. They are stealthy when killing, and use their vocalizations to communicate when separated.

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