Fisher Cat Audio – Animal Sounds and Noises

The Fisher Cat is a marten related to the family of weasels and is only found in North America. The Fisher Cat is known for being a ferocious predator and the sounds of a fisher cat have become notorious because they are similar to a child or a woman crying for help.

What a fisher cat looks like

Fisher cats have been blamed for attacking and killing domestic cats in every area that they were spotted and due to this they have also been labeled as Fisher the cat killer. While Fisher Cats are ferocious enough to attack house cats and have done that, a lot of what is said about them is folklore and exaggerated. Fisher cats are definitely dangerous due to their predatory nature but they are probably made out to be more dangerous than they really are.

An interesting thing about Fisher cats is that they are one of the few predators of the porcupine and have developed a method to attack and kill porcupines. Due to this reason they are used for controlling porcupine population naturally.

Fisher Cats average at around 4 kilos and some of the large Fisher cat animals can grow to as much as 7 kilos.

Perhaps the question that most people ask is – how does a Fisher cat sound? The internet is sprinkled with Fisher cat sound clips and Fisher Cat photos and you can hear what people think a fisher cat sounds like below:

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The most striking thing about the Fisher cat audio is that it very closely resembles someone crying out for help and that is what freaks out most people. The fisher cat call in most cases is just a call for mating however they are known to make sounds just before or after hunting.

The Fisher Cat is a nocturnal animal and the most Fisher cat screams and Fisher Cat screeches can be heard at night. Since it is a nocturnal animal it hunts in the night and is not easily spotted in the day.

The Fisher Cat animals live and hunt alone and only socialize during their mating season. The females start breeding at the age of one while the male do not reach sexual age till they are two.

These days Fisher Cat news is mostly bad news, most of the times when they are featured in the news it is because they have caused concern to the human population either by way of attacking their pets or by their screams.

Most of these uproars are a mix of emotion and reality, while Fisher Cats are spotted in most of the incidents, the degree of damage done by them is probably a bit exaggerated.

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    1. Its not a Red Fox, because ive seen the fisher up close in the daylight making this noise. It is a sound that makes itself known and as a warning to anyone around.

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      5. As my dog just caught a Fisher cat in my yard who was going after my house cat I can definetly confirm that they have a hair raising piercingly loud high pitched scream. It was awful.

        1. I live in South Central Virginia and last night I’m sure I heard well either a fisher cat or a red fox but it definitely had the sound of someone crying for help and it lasted for a few hours and then suddenly it stopped I thought maybe it was an animal going after another one and finally killed it but it sounds like that may not have been the case but it’s surprising that if it was a fisher cat and I’m in Southern Virginia.

  1. Fisher “cats” are Asian and have no business being in the US. Fishers are members of the mustelid family (skunks, badgers, wolverines, etc.) and make no cries, as far as I know.

    1. Fishing cats are from Asia. Fisher cats, or fishers, are the N.A. mustelid. It’s a small difference in name, but fisher cat is a name often used for the fisher. And almost every source I can find says that fisher cats do make noises (but I have never seen a fisher myself, nor heard one, so I can’t say absolutely 100%).

    2. Martin Sloan: I have had the pleasure of not only seeing a Fisher Cat in person but to see it hunting! Our whole neighborhood was drawn outside by these terrible screams, we thought child was in trouble but I went out my back door to see it was a fisher cat that had a raccoon up a tree and the Fisher was screaming. It literally sounds like someone screaming bloody murder! They absolutely do make noise and it’s quite a unique sound, even besides the screaming.

  2. Fisher cats were introduced to N.H. years ago to control the porcupine. But as we see it not only controlled the porcupine it also eats any preditor that moves in the night. As for sound? Marton Sloan, you are mistaken. They make a sound that will make the hair on your body stand on ends. I personally have heard them, seen them in the night and have experienced their havoc. They wiped me out of all my ducks, including feathers, cats, and tried to get the dogs. They are the menace and need to be controlled. They have even been known to attack man. There is nothing they cant eat including the bones. It is a dangerous creature.

    1. These beliefs that fishers are a “menace”, need ti be controlled because they are violent, dangerous creatures are an irresponsible way of thinking and simply not true. Fishers weigh around 9-18 pounds and I’ve never heard of them attacking people and dogs. Occasionally a cat will fall victim to an overly hungry fisher, but for being in the same family as the fearless badger and wolverine, they are quite timid, especially around humans. They are far far from being a “dangerous” animal. They are like foxes and coyotes in that they are given an unwarranted and severely distorted reputation when they are so afraid of humans and are, in fact, muxh more scared of us than we are of them. I raise fishers and see their way of life and behavior on a dsily basis.

      1. Raising a domestic Fisher presents its own irresponsibility that goes along with domesticating any wild animal. Domestic animals typically do not display the survival behaviors of their wild kin since those needs are usually met by their owners. Watching an animal in a cage and judging the concerns of people who live with the actual predator in the wild can be considered irresponsible as well.

      2. Carrie: Perhaps the Fisher Cats you are raising have been somewhat domesticated and even if they were wild they are in the situation where their personality cannot be compared to a fisher cat that is free out in the wild. Of course they’re going to act differently! Living in NH I have seen a few fishers in my time and they will absolutely go after a person before running away. They kill cats and dogs, it’s unreasonable to think that a fisher cat will kill cats but will not kill a dog who happens to be the same size as a cat, that’s just not logical. Fishers will kill any animal they feel they can subdue, cats, dogs, whatever!

    2. The fisher cat killed 5 ducks 30 some chickens and injured 2 of are pet milking goats. Now we are tring to get rid of it, does anyone no how to stop it and get rid of it?

      1. Parti Johnson: I realize your comment was a few years ago but for the benefit of future readers of these posts I will reply. You can use a live trap, bait it with a can of cat food and check it a few times a day. You can release them further away from your house, preferably in an unpopulated forested area.

  3. I believe the sound about is a fox…i have heard many fisher cats in my area where i live and it sounds more like a screaming sound then the above sound captured on tape.

  4. The fishercat sounds like a woman or child in the woods. I have seen them and heard them. They are in the mountains of WV. The coyote sounds like a dog. The fox sounds like a big angry house cat. There are web sites that have captured the sounds. Hope this helps.

  5. Fisher cats (Martes pennanti) are native to NH and much of north America. Not asia as someone stated in the comments. There numbers were low due to a number of issues including deforestation and trapping and many states had re-introduction programs. They have always been in NH and Maine. The fisher cat the same as the smaller marten. Though it is closely related to the marten this is reflected in its Latin name, Martes pennanti while the American marten is Martes americana. It is not just related to the weasel family it is a member of the weasel family, mustelids.

    The fisher cat is not in the least scary. They are no more likely to eat your pet ducks than a possum or a fox. I have seen possums get into a hen house and leave a number of dead chickens in their wake. It is quit interesting that people have a phobia about a 10 lb animal.

    As for screaming, most of the comments seem unreliable. I have seen fisher cats many times and never heard a scream that was not identifiable as another animal.
    Though they could and I just never heard them. But when a naturalist who has studied them for many years has never heard one scream it makes me doubt the probability that they do scream.

    Many animals and birds make screams in the night. The fox’s bark as stated before or a saw Whet owl. The saw whets calls are much more like a scream than the raspy bark of the fox.

    1. fishers can be dangerous to all small animals. And they’ve attacked two people in Rhode Island; one woman in her front yard walking her dog, and one young child at a bus stop with other children and moms.

      Fishers grow to be way over 10 pounds. More like 20 pounds. They scream in the night like someone getting murdered. I’ve heard them sound during the daytime like the wierdest squirrel or jungle bird or crow you’ve ever heard. So many of the cats in our neighborhood and town have been eliminated by the fisher cats. Last night I saw one across the street from us, and we live in a densely forested and coniferous area of Hamilton, MA. with a vernal pond in the woods across the street from us. My Siberian Husky was making “warning barks” like she usually does when she spots a coyote or any wild animal coming through the paths in the woods. We’ve had 3 coyotes near our yard that we’ve seen. We’ve run into fox and coyote on walking the dogs at night, too. Anyway, I ran out to see what these “warning barks” my Husky was making were all about, and there was a fisher cat. Staring back at me, from across the street. I had never seen one, but I’d been hearing one for over a year. It amublates on the ground differently than any animal I’d ever seen, and it has a very long bushy tail. Just watch the videos on youtube.

  6. Yea, the fisher has a very eery, very loud cry, can be heard far away, I have seen two up close , real close, and one at a distance, like the black one in the pictures, I find these preditors are usefull ,like fox, kyotes they clean the woods of dead carcases. and obviously they do hunt ,my wife witnessed one dragging a chicken from our hen house.THANKS RAY R.

  7. I live in Illinois near a wooded area. My husband and I adopted 2 stray cats that have been out in the wild for at least 4 yrs. We’re trying to keep them indoors so they won’t be harmed. Early this a.m. our lg cat was out wondering. I heard this horrible screaching, screaming, growling, and moning sound. This is a noise I’ve never heard – it went right through me. I’ve heard cats fighting, but this was different. I wanted to go into the woods to find and protect my cat, but it’s hard to find a location at 3a.m. in the woods. I don’t know if it’s a fisher cat that was out there in the woods. My cat is terrified to leave our deck ever since last night which is a good thing since I want both of them to stay inside. I hope never to hear that bone chilling scream again!!!

  8. My Harris hawk was attacked and killed during the night would anyone know if a fisher cat would do this ? Nothing was eaten just blood sucked and mangled love to find out what animal would do this ?

    1. sounds like a mink. I waged a war on one that would take a chicken a night from the hen house. Every morning Id find a chicken with its head eaten and all the blood drained. Also got a goose once, which is a big tough bird to kill. It broke its wing, ate its head and drank all the blood PLUS it was a snowy night and no blood spatter anywhere! Mink love to go after roosting birds at night.

  9. Spotted a Fisher late this afternoon in Easton Ct. Looking up their supposed North American range, they are not supposed to be living here which I can only assume bodes well for them. Beautiful animal and I was pleased to have had the chance to see one.

  10. So last night at 3:45am my wife and I were awoken by a child’s voice yelling for his mom non-stop. The sound was coming from outside, we started getting dressed then the noise outside changed and sounded inhuman. We closed the window and fell back into an uneasy sleep. It was freaky…

    1. my neighbor told me she was awakened in the night and it sounded like someone was getting murdered. I said, “oh, come on… was just coyotes……” She insisted, “no, this is different. this sounded horrible. high pitched child crying, and getting murdered!” I thought, good grief. Coyotes don’t sound like that to me. What else can it be?

      Well, now we both know. Fisher Cat. We knew we had them in our area for over 10 years. But we’d never put the sound and the animal together, till doing some research.

  11. absolutely a fisher cat !!!! you cannot mistake this erie sound !!!!! this is messed up all over the net…not a fox !!!

  12. North Haven, CT…..just saw an animal walk through my heavily wooded yard. I thought it was a large ferret but it was much too big. Very large claws as well. After looking through pictures, it’s a Fisher Cat no question. And here I was wondering why I haven’t had raccoons or skunks breaking into my garbage lately. Now I know…..

  13. we live in northern VA, near I66/I81 intersection – my wife and I saw a fisher this afternoon, for maybe 3-5 minutes, no sounds. this is my 3rd viewing over last 15+/- years, wife’s 1st, so exciting… brownish/reddish not black or dark dark brown

    1. Att inte skriva ut namnet (utan kalla sig för Tempesta Perfetta, öh???) ger inget förtroende i min bok. Behöver inte förbli sÃ¥, men man börjar med minus pÃ¥ kontot. Varför inte bara kalla sig för förnamnet, eller ens smeknamn? Tempesta Perfetta? Känns tramsigt innan du ens skrivit ett inlägg.Men det är ju bara jag som obetydlig läsare…

  14. I live in northern Minnesota on 120 acres of Red Pine planted in 1966. I have lived in the woods for most of my 73 years still without electricity or any cars. I have two fishers that will come around my place early evening never together both are jet black
    I have never heard them make any loud sounds. they both seem to frequent my wood piles the closest they come to me is about 30 feet. There are red squirrels living in the split and stacked firewood. Thanks to Susan for the use of her computer….

  15. sorry Mike I am 100% sure that sound is not a fisher cat. where I live we have white fox and fisher cats. I have seen and heard both. the key is the duration. The fox has short bursts as in the above sound. The fisher has a much longer sound. they both have human qualities to their sounds. another key is that the fox sounds like someone yelling, the fisher sounds like someone crying. its a fox.

  16. it is most definitely a fisher cat we have one that comes by my house quite often it sounds pretty scary, but Is a beautiful animal.

  17. I mean, click my name and the video pops up, it shows an injured fisher cat screaming. It sound like a crow.

  18. This night time scream is indeed that of a fox. Many people in New England mistaken it for a Fisher. Like mentioned, the screaming of a Fisher is longer in duration, and higher pitched. The Fisher doesn’t have a large enough diaphram to emit this type of scream.

    70% of NH residents are also mistaken of circling flying birds up high above in which they call “Hawks”…., when in fact they are Turkey Vultures/buzzards.

  19. Sounds like a fox to me. As for fishers being dangerous…cats are dangerous to birds, dogs are dangerous to deer in winter, our cars and roads are dangerous to everyone and most of our sounds would be scary to any wild animal.

  20. I live in pa,i recently heard that someone-perhaps game commission released these animals not too far from where i live,Supposively to control the deer population—how stupid are these people?????why not just up the deer- hunting limit ??i know i f they are seen in my area they will be shot! i have outside cats n i live by the woods–they will be thinned out quickly

  21. That is the sound of a Red Fox warning call. Signifying others of danger being near. I’ve heard another sound from the Red Fox sounding like a woman being attacked in the woods crying out saying “No ah, nooo ah.” That is two vixens battling, but even male Red Fox sound like that just before mating. Very well could explain the screeching sound of the legendary Jersey Devil.

  22. This is a fisher cats call. We have them in the woods behind our house and if I get the chance I will eliminate them. I have laying chickens and I was losing 1 a night to this critter, lost 11 chickens. I’ve heard they are protected and if destroyed you could get a hefty fine. If that is true them I will look into who will be paying to replace my chickens. And fences do not keep them out of the hen house.

    1. A connebear (sp) trap is a kill trap and it will get rid of fishers. Mostly licensed trappers use them.
      Other than the connebear and a man with a gun, the only other thing that will kill a fisher is another fisher.

  23. I’m an animal lover from Maine who is very well versed in Fishers. Cannot find then beautiful due to the havoc they cause. In the last twenty years I have lost several cats, a goose and more chickens than I could keep track of. Unfortunately geese mate for life and my gander completely lost it when his mate was killed and partially eaten. I have also observed a pair of fishers in my yard feeding the color of their eyes at night and the noises they made were beyond scary. I have also heard their screams from the woods along with their unlucky victims. Those of you who found them beautiful, get up and personal with one, but don’t forget your bat, they DO attack people.the pair had a mile circle of dens that they move between, one den used for raising their young. Unfortunately that was the den behind my house. How do you get rid of them ? I found that an 8mm Mauser worked extremely well. The fisher was coming for 3 chickens who had rooster on the porch next to me. He didn’t care that I was there. He got upright and started his bob and weave routine and boom, that was it. My husband got the mate the same way the night before. We were safe for several years till a new pair took over. Yes they’re protected but you do have the right to protect your animals. Have no pitty . it’s not like cats and birds . These are viscous predators that you should be very wary of. Just look at a cast of their print and check out the claws. Good luck!

    1. To protect themselves will fight. Perhaps a fishercat will not attack but will protect itself. I believe one was under the steps and deck of my home when I took my dog out to pee 11:30 pm . I believe my dog went under the deck to investigate. Animal ran past me with dog on his tail, up steps, across porch n deck and leapt unto a nearby tree. As my dog went by me I grabbed his collar for control and put him in the house where he was bleeding profusely from toes on front paws. Toes. 2 toes were missing. There were no sounds exchanged. Very dark brown, about. 42″ tip of tail to nose when stretched out running/leaping. Very dark brown, not black. Thick coat on body and tail. Tho not in the daylight they have been seen in daylight and photos taken right by my home. This happened 01/25/16 Ross Twp. Monroe County PA

  24. October 6th 2015
    Hunting today for a buck , seen one was ready to shoot him with my crossbow @ about 40 yrds and out stepts a fisher @ 15 yrds he looks @ the deer then turns my way and starts to walk towards me, i. lower crossbow and try to get cell out to record his screaming while hes walking towards me. Then he runs into the brush comes back out about 10 mins later deer is gone he looks @ me for about 2 mins then runs away. Glad i dint shoot him they’re not in season til Dec. 19. live in northern Pa

  25. The sound bite was definitely a fox. There is absolutely no evidence that fishers scream.It amazes me that no one has a video of one “screaming”. Lots of sound no proof. Perhaps it’s big foot.

  26. Fisher cats have made a return in Virginia and population has been increasing, I’ve heard them in mornings and evenings and have gotten pictures (not really good pictures ). They seem to have made their home in my yard, originally we thought they were bears so we have been trying to scare them back further away from our home but turned out they are Fisher cats, any ideas on how to move them away from being so close?

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