Baby Fisher Cat

This guy found an injured baby Fisher Cat while walking his dog in Massachusetts.  I’ve never heard an animal screech like this!

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  1. what kind of IDIOT lets their dog approach an fisher cat off-leash? A little dog for that matter. MORONS

    1. seriously, and instead of actually grabbing their dog by its collar [at least] the woman just starts telling it to come louder. I would’ve never even let my pet go near it, for the Fisher and my pets safety.

      1. and if I didn’t see the animal until after my pet did I would’ve immediately ran to my pet and grabbed it by it’s collar, harness or back of the neck and pulled it away.

  2. What video are you looking at? Obviously they came upon the Fisher unexpectedly and put the dog on the leash as soon they could. It seems you get a charge out of calling people names on the internet. I suggest you get a life instead.

    1. I agree. The video was informational for our children and animals. These people that posted this video should be appreciated. Thank you. Pretty creepy animals. They attack our pets and kill them. They attack our children.

  3. Wow, man I just got through a whole disturbing hour thinking someone was being tortured and hurt, washing dishes in my kitchen this evening, I heard this blood curdling screaming, screeching, called my mother to come outside to listen, as I thought it was a human, she listened, concurred it sounded “eerily human, after asking my mom who’s here visiting from Hawaii, I call the police. After about 25 minutes of hearing them speed around the neighborhood and returning to my backyard to ascertain the location of the screaming… End up finding out it is a fisher cat, probably a baby… Who feels like an !@#?

  4. It is the most frightening sounds in the middle of the night!! We heard snarlinf, growling, and odd tic noises and we couldnt tell if it was killing its meal or what!!

  5. So creepy.. The adult ones are even eerier to hear those are the human like ones. I heard one right outside my window trying to get a t my cat on the ledge. So creepy I nearly died of fright.

  6. I live in Ledgedale Pa. and have had several nights of screaming and driving the dog insane.

    We did manage to see one in the daytime on our property. Very rare.

  7. There is one hunting in my barn during the day. My husband, daughter and neighbor have all seen him, and he is huge!! There aren’t supposed to be any in Georgia (40 minutes south of Atlanta!!). I will call the Department of Fish and Wildlife tomorrow.

    1. I just heard one screeching outside for solid 30 sec bursts at 2am. I did head count of all MY pets and none were making noise. Definitely not cat or dog! I am also outside Atlanta!!!! Looked up sounds on Youtube…..exactly what I heard. I do live by very wooded floodplain area. Good habitat. Wow that was bizarre.

  8. I heard a fisher last night at 2:45am- it woke me from a sound sleep and scared the crap out of me. I’ve heard them before…this one was fighting with something..sounded like it was killing a racoon

  9. Hey Lloyd-
    While I don’t condone name calling- how “unexpected” was it if you have time to capture the whole thing on video? Video camera first and then dog on leash was NOT the way to go in this situation. As an evolutionary biologist it’s pretty scary watching people interact with things they don’t understand. It’s always best to give nature a wide berth in that situation.

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  11. “v”

    I’m not impressed by your self-assigned title of “evolutionary biologist”. I highly doubt you’re paid for those “skills”. Your comments are just as lame.

  12. Todd-
    Good point about the “evolutionary biologist” thing.
    Seriously, though, the screams I hear are more like a howling, maniacal laughter (of an animal- not some crazy person in my woods)- I am asking you because you are not a self-proclaimed evolutionary biologist- any thoughts?

  13. I would think that as an “evolutionary biologist”, you would say “let the dog maul the fisher baby to death”. You know, evolutionists say “survival of the fittest”. No, I do not think you are completely believing in evolutionary nonsense. I think those people did pretty well in that situation. I hope they called the wildlife people to come rescue that baby.

  14. Fishers are a medium-size mammal. Their body shape is long, thin, and low to the ground. They are sexually dimorphic with the male being larger than the female. Males are between 90 to 120 centimetres (35–47 in) in length and weigh between 3.5 to 5 kilograms (8–11 lb). Females measure 75 to 95 centimetres (30–37 in) and weigh between 2 to 2.5 kilograms (4–6 lb).[7] The largest ever male fisher recorded weighed 9 kilograms (20 lb).[8]

  15. Ten years ago, wifey and I camped in the Highwoods sort of south and east of Great Falls, MT. The camp ground was a big circle. I followed deer through the middle of the circle. There, I saw an animal I had never seen, and never heard of. I sat on a log. This creature darted in and out of a hole at the bottom of a big rotted tree. It was toying with me. It was playfull. I went and got wifey and showed her the beast. I ask”ed, “What is it?”. She said, “Heck if I know. But it looks like the biggest weasel on earth.” Come to find out, she wasn’t too far off.

  16. I think I might use this adorable video for my animal report at school! I hope the fisher cat is OK. I ain’t worried about that dog. It shouldn’t of been dumb and went up to that little fisher cat.

  17. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog. What is wrong with people who see wildlife and want to kill it?

  18. we all know you just dont walk up with your video camera running, pretty sad to have the dog off the leash!!!! and bothering the baby, hes clearly not where he is supposed to be and the mother im sure wasnt far…good lawd

  19. I live in Claremont N.H. for ten years now originally from NYC. I am surrounded by them. I saw 3 young ones with mother today as I was calling for my cat to come in 11am.

    The males look huge due in part from there very fluffy fur.
    They are very vicious and will attack cats.

    My tuxedo cat is bigger than the mother but you never know. My cat is a master of darting and sneaking out of the house.

    I always have my camera at the ready when hiking.

    Its good to make noise every 5 minutes or so to let the wildlife know you are there.

  20. I heard something horrible this morning at about 3:30 am, it was the most horrible sound to wake up to. Not sure if it was a fix, fisher cat or something else though. Sounded more human screaming then any animal I’ve ever heard.

  21. Anything from a raccoon, to a rabbit, to a, blue jay to a mouse will make a very similar sound when it’s threatened from a close range like that (especially if injured). Just as with these other animals, you shouldn’t take this to be a typical noise you’d hear from a fisher behaving normally. For example this is not a territorial call fishers near your house would make at night any more than blue jays or rabbits wold make this sound in yor back yard.

  22. Thank you for this incredible video! You rarely get to see something like this,,, it looks rabid to me. I’ve seen rabid animals and they act the same way, with neurological problems like this one has (where his head bobs up and down and he can’t walk). Fisher babies are much smaller than that so it’s sort of young.

    About the dog… hey, dogs are curious. So what? Why all the hoopla about the dog???

  23. I hope the person contacted the proper authorities to help the fisher cat. The fisher sounded and looked like a baby. Poor thing.

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